Проверь себя: Reading and Vocabulary (Английский язык)

Lesson 3.2, Exercise 1
Read and complete the article about ‘Extreme Commuters’ with the correct missing words (1-10). Choose the correct answers.

With this type of reading exercise, remember to:

  • read the whole text first
  • think about the words before AND after the gap
  • look for collocations
and why do we need three cupholders?

    In recent years, advances in technology have given us greater time-saving opportunities with new ways of working such as telecommuting and homeworking. But new figures from the US Census Bureau suggest the trend for long commutes to work may not have ended. In fact, ‘extreme commuting’ is increasing.
    Extreme commuters can spend spendsaveuse 90 minutes travelling to work one way. It seems that more employees than ever are still prepared to take time-consuming journeys in return for a big house in the country. This search for the perfect work-life balance means that nearly 10 million people now drive more than an hour to work, that’s up by 50 percent since 1990.
    One effect of this is that one in every four restaurant meals are now eaten in the car and, to help our time management, car makers are adding extra cupholders, refrigeration boxes and even passenger seats which turn into dining tables. So the next time your colleague takes a lunch break, don’t be surprised if it’s in the car!

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